• is a carbonated, refreshing, high-dosage caffeine drink.
  • scientifically proven to be effective.
  • has been developed and tested under expert medical supervision.
  • was certified by EU - accredited inspection bodies (AGES Austrian Agency for health and food security; Weihenstephan - Department of Food Technology) and approved according to § 5 para 1.
  • If consumed in moderation, caffein is not unhealthy.
  • Even after many decades of research work and numerous studies involving a large number of subjects, scientists have been unable to discover a link between moderate enjoyment of caffeine and any risk to human health.


In a placebo controlled experiment, conducted under reproducible laboratory conditions, the study was able to show that concentration, alertness, reaction time and reaction speed were all optimally improved.


Technical details of the effects study are available for professionals working in medicine, pharmacy, biology and tropology and can be requested from office@cofain.at.

Study keywords: polyvalent carbohdydrates, caffeine and mental performance.

Certain groups of consumers should bear the following warning notice in mind:
Cofain 699 can cause nervousness and sleep disturbance. Unsuitable for pregnant or nursing women, children and young people under 16.